Ling came today and conducted her Feedback interview/questionnairre. It looks like a page from Facebook, and asks questions about how much you use digital devices and how you feel about being with them and without them. This is an experiment for her. I asked if she was going to do something with the data, or if it was more about the experience for the person filling in the form, and so more of a performance, and she has not decided that yet.

I found it interesting to consider what the idea of being present means in terms of lo-tech and high-tech. Do people turn off their phones and computers to be more present? And if so, what about being present with people remotely? via skype for example, does that count?

Julie Stevenson brought in two photos with captions that were about what being in the present means for her, one is an image of a cake she made, the other is a view of beach and sea. I put them on the wall and then I drew her portrait while we talked.

Sam Watterson came in and asked if he could show his book in the space. I asked to see it and he went home and brought a copy back. It is a small book with minimal text and colourful illustrations of his journey along a pilgrimage route in Spain. I think his book is a beautiful description of the experience of being on pilgrimage walk, and found this interesting in terms of the theme, so I invited him to do something more with it in the space. He is going to come on Wednesday with more copies of the book to share, and talk about how it was done and the walk itself.

Chris was here again today and we talked about ways to invite people in. He suggested making a simple questionnaire on a single sheet of paper, inspired by the one Ling brought, to give to passers by. I asked him what being present meant to him and he told me about a quote from the film Kung Fu Panda, which he has promised to put up on the wall.

Ling and Chris both offered to do something on paper to bring back and share on the walls, reflecting on the day and ideas that had been generated for them.